Personal projects

In this section I show my personal projects. They are ideas hat came up in my head and that I tried to apply. I very often try to think about concepts, ideas I could bring to life.
I work to try to create projects that could help people in their everyday life and hope to make a positive impact by doing them !

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some advices or to tell me what you think about them!


Maths & Fun

The objective of this project is to offer a new vision of learning. I had the opportunity to see in different school, different ways of teaching and some of them were really trying to teach the children by playing.
I think that maths is fun so I wanted to show children a way to find them fun too!


AR Travelbook

Looking through picture of our past holidays is always a pleasure. Reminds us of the sun on our skin or the different discoveries we made, the people we went to the places with. What if they was more than a book ? That's how this project started, add little bit of suprise to every page ! 3D objects, animations, making this travelobook a little special, a little magical !


Web development

Web development started with developing for school projects. With time other projects came along and I developed a website for a attorny client but mostly for my friends. Here is the website I made for my friend Lauriane. She is an artist and needed a portfolio that presented her work and respresented her.