Profesionnal projects

In this section you will be able to see the differents pojects I had the opportunity to work on for different companies or oragnizations. I was very lucky to work on them, they led to me learn so much and meet very intersting people.
I hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoyed working on them !


Rugby Augmented Reality mobile app

This app was made during my internship in the first French TV company, TF1. The objective of this app is to promote the 2019 rugby world cup in France !
It's a runner game, the user chooses where to place the gaming area on any surface he can find. Then, when he is ready, the game starts, he's a rugby player, he has to avoid the enemies and to catch the rugby assets !


TchickTchack Rugby - VivaTechnology 2019

TchickTchack Rugby is an Augmented Reality rugby experience !

It as an Augmented Reality game made with the latest AR headste MagicLeap. This game was presented to the 2019 VivaTechnology event on the TF1 stand.
The user can place a rugbyman on any surface, for example a table, he will be able to move around using the controller. The objective is to stay as long as possible on the table. Of course enemies will fall from the sky and will push you around to try to make you fall !


Cancer application (school project)

During my master in the EPF graduate engineering school I, and 6 other students, had the opportunity to work on an application for people who had cancer.

We worked with an association which offerd sport classes to cancer patients and which wanted an application to follow their progress and to motivate them to continue.



H'ability is a project that came from a 24 hour school hackathon during which we were sensitized to the hemiparesis disability.
1 out of 2000 child is born with this disabilty in France. Half of their body is weakened and they have to do a lot of reeducation in order to learn how to use this half.
The children to not enjoy reeducation and we decided to make a VR game that makes them forget about the fact they are working !


Stacking simulation - internship in Vanderlande

This project was the first durring which I learned and enjoyed programming !
The objective was to create a simulation of products being stacked and to test it's stability. It ended up being a tool that was then integrated in their client solution.